Camp Closure PROCEDURE

When you leave camp

We are all very lucky to enjoy such a special place. To ensure the next people to visit the camp have a great experience please do a few simple tasks to ensure the camp is clean and most importantly safe for the next crew. 


1) Sweep Floor/Shake Rugs/Mop if Needed

2) Remove food from refrigerator

3) Empty Garbage (Includes kitchen, pavilion, outhouse)

4) Wash dirty dishes, dry and put away

5) Wipe down kitchen counter and stove

6) Shut off gas valve to kitchen stove

7) Empty/Clean coffee pots

8) Turn gas down on lights and fireplace if summer

9) Close windows, drapes, lock camp, garage and close gate

10) If target shooting, pick up empty shells

Winter Closure Includes

1) Drain hot water tank and shut off

2) Drain sink

3) Put anti-freeze in sink drain (trap)

Please leave the camp in the same condition you would want to find it.